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Welcome to ComputerWorks Global.  A NonProfit Tech Education Organization

ComputerWorks Global knows that our future lies in the hands of our youth. The Tech Mobile will address this and make it our mission to educate and provide skills and resources to our youth, especially in the underserved neighborhoods. ComputerWorks Global using theTech Mobile will work with the local school system to provide and enhance computer skills. Equipped with this knowledge, our youth will be able to compete in today'stechnological society with sucess and confidence in every aspect of their lives.

We started ComputerWorks Global out of a passion to infuse excitement, fun and technology into education. We have a team of twelve highly qualified educators from preschool to college working to make this project a success. We are tech geeks and we are looking to convert young people into the joy of gaming as a teaching/learning tool. We test software, mobile games and computer games for teaching and learning effectiveness in public school settings. This is the teen experience that could last a lifetime.

We know public schools in underserved neighborhoods lack the resources to properly educate its students in the use of new technologies. We believe that if we expose these students to the world of creating and programming early, they will go down the right path in life with skills that are marketable well into their future. We make skill building worth each student’s time and attention. Everyday life and every career in the 21st century require the widespread use of computers and technology. Unfortunately, there is a large portion of our society that does not have basic computer skills.

"The Tech Mobile (TM)" a mobile computer classroom, teaches a scaffolding technology that starting with basic computer skills building to software production. We build mobile apps and games to maximize learning opportunities.

We teach students to maximize electronic communicating with texting, emailing, photo sharing, video editing, document attaching, tweeting, social networking (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc) and on-line banking. Our strategy uses computers (smart phones, tablets and laptop/desktops) to help students maximize their learning opportunity. We go one step further; we bring technology to students by way of the TM. For the advanced student we prepare them to strengthen their software capabilities. These students learn to complete applications on-line, creating resumes, applying for jobs, writing term papers, online video communication (Skype), gaming and entertainment.

These strategic computer skills prepare our students to advance in school, in the workplace and in their careers. We also work to bring new technologies to each and every student we teach. Our target market is the most underserved communities and low-performing schools. Our goal is to bring technology to them and to help them learn to connect with the vast amount of information on the Internet. Our objective is to help our target market become competitive in the job market and productive in our society.



Our technology  will also  address the elderly.  Why?  Because of baby boomers, the senior population is growing tremendously, but many are not technologically equipped.  Seniors face the difficulty of catching up with a technology that was not a part of their home, education or employment environment.  The potential exists for elderly people to improve their own lives as well as the lives of others by making more use of this technology.  Additionally, by teaching them on-line banking, shopping, bill-pay, and emailing, they’ll stay connected to the world from their location.  The on-line banking and shopping will also prevent crimes against seniors, that’s often experienced while they travel alone. 

                                                                                                                                   The Tech Mobile (TM) will build its programs on the foundation of a host of community resources, relationships and partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, churches, senior facilities and schools, in order to increase resources and eliminate replication of services.

The strength of our programs will also depend on strong collaborative efforts with banking/financial institutions, community colleges for volunteer tutors and mentors and various others