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About Us


ComputerWorks Global’s (CG) main purpose is to provide a varity of resources using technology to enhance the lives of the underserved community.   We believe that technoloy should not be a side option and is not the only option, however it should be a avaliable option to the lives of everyone. 


The ultimate objective of CG is to rectify and augment the academic viability of inner city youth, adults, seniors and the disabled, through computer training and literacy.  Through our operating Tech Mobile and the other various programs, CG will close the technology gap. 


Technology gap refers to the difference in economic opportunities between the haves and the have-nots, due to the rising importance of computer skills in the global market.  Haves are people who are comfortable with computer technology and have access to computers, while have-nots are interested in becoming computer literate, but because of their socioeconomic status, many do not have access, or limited access at home, school or work.  Because such a high percentage of our service populations [the adults] are unemployed or under-employed, the cost involved in owning and training on a computer is prohibitive for most individuals and families struggling to get by on minimum wage or assistance.