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Emergency Communication Services        ECS


ComputerWorks Global’s natural disaster response unit is code named ECS (Emergency Communication Service).  This is a mobile communication unit who’s main purpose is to help connect loved ones when a natural disaster occurs (ex. Fires, Earthquakes, floods, hurricane/tornados and massive power outages due to extreme weather related events  

When a natural or unnatural disaster happens the first concern is if loved ones are safe and having the ability to communicate with them. The ECS unit is a rack of 32 Wi-Fi/video cam enabled laptops, with a portable self enabled hot spot (Provided by Sprint ™) staffed with well trained personal.

Under a portable canapé the laptops will provide access to ComputerWorks Global’s online database code named “Find me- looking for you” (FMLU). This is a resource for people to be found and to post the need to find someone. This resource is not an online social networking web database; it is strictly used to connect people with a very simplified text and video connection protocol.